About Blair Shackle

Hey There, I’m Blair!

I am a mother, a wellness practitioner, and a student of the Universe

I am here to help you unlock your innate healing abilities to bring you back to a state of wellbeing through:

  • Helping people lead more peaceful, productive, higher-self centered lives through Flower Essences
  • Making herbal tinctures, teas, and skincare products to support those in need of a little Earth Medicine

I have a need to help bring the energy of nature back to our idea of health.

My Wellbeing Journey

I have been a student of natural health since 2012, yet it took me until 2020 to take formal steps to become a natural health practitioner.

Over these past 13 years, I have worked closely with many healers, wellness professionals, and metaphysical practitioners that have taught me how valuable wellness and holistic professionals are to our world. Through this, I learned the importance of inner work and healing.

Most of this deep inner work happened before, during, and after being blessed with two beautiful baby boys and one angel baby. My experience of being a mother has given me the tremendous gifts of shadow work, self-acceptance, self-love, and learning how to heal physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances in a natural, holistic way.

I am passionate about finding solutions that lie within. We all hold the key to our own healing, but often, we need a guide at first to remind us of our beautiful and never-failing inner peace, power, and wellbeing.

Why I Won’t Heal You, Here’s What I’ll Do Instead…

I was called to expand my innate healing gifts that have always been under the surface in late 2020. So I decided to jump into learning about becoming a healer. Note: my definition of a healer is more like a guide to help you unlock your own healing abilities. I see myself as a healing guide for you! I have taken courses in flower essences, herbalism, and health coaching.

I am passionate about a few things when it comes to working with you on your wellbeing…

  • Keeping things simple for you and your body/mind/spirit to heal
  • Getting to the root of your imbalance, by peeling back those onion layers of healing
  • Helping you understand that you are the healer in this situation, not me, I simply guide your way and help you remove any blocks you may be experiencing
  • Helping you feel deep self-acceptance that you do not need to heal anything to be worthy; you are beautifully perfect even if you don’t change a thing!

Education & Training

Herban Roots Apprenticeship, Foundations in Herbalism — 2022 

Certified Flower Essence Specialist, Trinity School of Natural Health — 2020

DONA Doula Training — 2016

Wellness, Holistic, and Metaphysical Assistant — 2012 – Present

BA in Psychology & Family Social Science, University of Minnesota — 2006

Let’s Be Friends!

A few fun things about me…

My favorite places in the world (so far) are the Black Hills of South Dakota and Sedona, Arizona! I could live in both places!

I am an Aries sun, Capricorn moon, and Libra rising. I also have a lot of Scorpio placements… I’m a (fun) trip!

My husband and I met as college sweethearts and secretly dated for 6 months! You’ll have to ask me about the story!

I have five tattoos! And I hope to get two more… ok maybe three! They are all mostly nature related.

I love nature and sunshine! If I have the chance to be outside with my bare feet in the grass, I will gladly take it!

I have an 8-year-old son named after a body of water and a 4-year-old son named after a classic rocker. Can you guess their names?

Years of experience
Revenue generated for clients
20K +
Happy Customers

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