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your wellbeing matters

Supporting Your Return to

Mind/Body/Spirit Wellbeing

Enjoy a comfortable, open, safe space to express your current health needs and/or an ongoing constitutional imbalance and leave feeling heard and empowered to take the next steps into healing with ease.

I am passionate about finding solutions that are found in nature and within your beautiful spirit. We all hold the key to our own healing, but often, we need a guide (or an Earth medicine ally) at first to remind us of our beautiful and never-failing inner peace, power, and wellbeing.

Herbal & Natural Health Consultation – Initial Appointment

Are you experiencing a chronic or acute health concern? Let’s have an in-depth conversation about what you’re going through and let’s work together toward restoring your wellbeing.

  • What to bring: Health history questionnaire and signed client bill of rights
  • During the appointment: we will have an in-depth conversation about your symptoms, health history, and wellness goals. If needed, we will do a tongue and facial assessment, and talk about the next steps in your healing journey
  • Your choice to meet in person if you are a Minneapolis local or via Zoom/Phone
  • You will leave with: Either 1 oz of herbal tinctures, Flower Essence Remedy Blend, and/or 1 Herbal Tea Blend. Vitamins and supplements are an additional cost and are purchased at my online dispensary via Fullscript (you will get 10% off this and future purchases). And herbal and wellness lifestyle suggestions if applicable.
initial meeting

1 Hour



To note: results and duration of protocol vary by individual, keep in mind that your inner work is an amazing assistant to your protocol!

Follow-ups are available at any time but often happen around 6 weeks after your initial appointment.

If you are taking pharmaceuticals, stay connected with your primary care provider. 

Follow Up Herbal & Natural Health Consultation

This is for recurring clients when your formula is complete or when you feel you need a different energetic and emotional boost.

All details are the same as above.

follow up

30 Minutes



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