Are you feeling anxious, fearful, sensitive, or insecure?

Mimulus Flower Essence can be a beautiful energetic support for you!

Mimulus is one of the most basic remedies for fear. Mimulus supports you in times when you are feeling hypersensitive and live with many fears of ordinary and everyday events.

Many people who find support from Mimulus can be:

✿ Anxious
✿ Shy
✿ Easily startled
✿Ultra sensitive
✿ Nervous talker
✿ Stomach/solar plexus discomfort
✿ Solar plexus chakra imbalance
✿ Blushes easily
✿ Has many phobias
✿ Will often use the phrase: “I’m afraid of _____”
✿ Introverted & withdrawn because of anxiety

Mimulus brings the light of courage back to you!

It helps shift your fixation on the myriad of fears to an awareness and acceptance that life can be filled with greater curiosity, exuberance, and joy! It helps your soul to contact the strength and purpose of its Higher Self.

This remedy also will support you with getting your emotions in a more balanced state where you can enjoy life without irrational fears tapping you on the shoulder all the time.

Works *beautifully* with adults, kids, and pets!

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