There are so many ways you can use flower essences both internally and externally!

flower essences

The most common way to take Flower Essences is to place a few drops under your tongue several times per day. You can also add several drops to water or tea and sip throughout the day. 

Here are some other ways you can use flower essences:

  • Use as a spray or mist – This is great for young children and even around your house for space clearing or energizing!
  • Add to herbal tinctures to increase the emotional benefits
  • Put a few drops in your lotion or face cream
  • Apply to acupuncture points or chakras
  • Put several drops in your bath
  • Dab Rescue Remedy on minor bumps & bruises
  • Rub Flower Essences on your hands when giving healing treatments such as Reiki or massage

There is really no wrong way to use Flower Essences, so have fun!

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