Who ISN’T going through some sort of transition or change right now?

Today I am sharing the energy of Walnut Flower Essence.

When you think of a walnut, it has an extremely hard outer shell that protects a tender interior. This flower essence helps you feel a bit more protected (but still open-hearted) and secure as you move through life’s transitions and changes.

It’s a wonderful ally for these times when so much is changing so quickly and we need a helping hand to keep us feeling supported in our soul evolution.

It also is energetically supportive when we’re overly influenced by the opinions of others and you can’t seem to fully connect with and express your inner truth.

Again… I see this a lot collectively in this moment.

Walnut Flower Essence is especially helpful when you are experiencing:

ꕥ The death of a loved one
ꕥ Changing careers
ꕥ Moving
ꕥ Divorce
ꕥ Puberty
ꕥ Pregnancy and postpartum
ꕥ Menopause
ꕥ Mid-life crisis
ꕥ Retirement
ꕥ Profound soul evolution
ꕥ When you have a habit that is hard to break
ꕥ When you’re overly influenced by the opinions, beliefs & values of others

Walnut also dives deep into your field to help break any illusions, enchantments, spells, or bonds that may bind you to the past.

Walnut will help you find the inner determination to carry out your dreams despite any adverse circumstances or opinions.

It’s a great flower essence to have on hand right now.

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