This is a custom flower essence blend that I prepared for myself last week when I was going through a lot of stress and anxiety (all the details about what’s in it are shared below). 

I have loved creating and using custom flower essence blends since I began working with my homeopath and fellow flower essence practitioner, Mary Langfield, nearly five years ago. 

I have always been a deep feeler and over-thinker. Paired with multiple childhood traumas, I’ve been committed to deep-diving into my healing ever since my first son was born nine years ago. 

I’ve noticed a gentle yet profound shift in how I can handle my day-to-day stresses and anxieties compared to nine years ago. It is literally a night and day difference.

Flower essences are also perfect to try if you are someone who’s “tried it all” and isn’t seeing the results you want. There are of course no guarantees, but I feel sometimes the most gentle and “simple” of healing can be the most profound. Flower essences naturally stimulate self-healing. By that I mean…

They don’t heal you, they stimulate yourself (and your higher self) to recognize and feel safe to heal deep emotions and blocks that we all carry around with us.

Keep in mind that there are 38 primary flower essences (or Bach Flower Remedies) that I work with for myself and my clients, so there are flower essences for pretty much any feeling and experience under-the-sun!

Here’s the blend I brewed up that’s been supporting me for the past few weeks:

Elm – used when you’re feeling overwh*ELM*ed by responsibilities & tasks; positively, it will help you to handle hectic days and encourages inner knowing that all will work out while returning to being efficient with your tasks

Oak – used for workaholics who can always be depended on to complete a task even at the expense of themselves and those close to them; positively, it will help you to listen to your limits and recognize the need to recharge

Olive – used for mental and physical exhaustion; positively, it will help you to restore and revitalize your inner & outer energy and strength

Larch – used for those who lack self-confidence and self-esteem and are nervous to try new things; positively, it will help you approach situations with confidence and determination

Walnut – used for those going through a period of transition or change; positively, it will help you to adapt to change and move forward and make changes in your life with an inner sense of constancy and security

If you have any questions about this awesome holistic healing modality, please reach out! 

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