Healing is like peeling back onion layers. There’s more to healing than just what we see on the surface.

As we evolve, and heal layer by layer, we get a better look at what behavior or emotional pattern is repeating or not quite fully brought into balance. These layers can come from our ancestors, past lives, or something in this lifetime we haven’t brought into some state of balance…

I’m in a layer of pattern and behavioral repetition with pine flower essence.

Acutely for many weeks, and ongoing for years, I’ve dealt with deep inner guilt and shame. This blankets my thoughts and many actions, very often deeming myself not good enough or never doing enough or never doing the best thing, etc. You get it… you may even also experience it.

Many of these feelings are so relatable for many people I know.

Pine is useful when you’re experiencing:

? Guilt

? Self-blame

? Self-criticism

? The inability to accept oneself

? Being overly hard on oneself

? Dwelling on past mistakes

It can help you find deeper and more balanced:

? Self-acceptance

? Self-kindness

? Self-forgiveness

? Freedom from inappropriate guilt and blame

I’ve been adding it to my personal blend of flower essences (I’m usually taking about 4-6 in a blend each day, dosing 3-4x during the day in water or sublingually).

Flower essences are awesome because they’re not going to take away all your discomfort and pain, but they will help you see it through a different lens so you have more inner strength and courage and love to bring imbalances back into equilibrium. Thus, helping you experience more emotional stability and balance.

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