A balanced soul is both in service and selfish.

Yes, both!

But, when being in service to others at the sacrifice to your own wellbeing occurs, we are out of balance.

Are you unable to say “No?”

Are you pleasing others to keep the peace and possibly for your own self-validation?

Maybe you’re struggling to stand up for yourself and your opinions.

This is where Centuary Flower Essence is a wonderful healer and balancer of these types of energies.

It is an illusion that being loving, agreeable, and saying “Yes” all the time is helpful to your soul growth and the soul growth of others.

If at the core, you’re not able to honor your needs, even as you’re doing everything for others, you’re truly not able to meet their needs in a balanced, grounded, and fully supportive way. Which is what you hope for.

Centuary Is Supportive For Those Who:

  • Neglect their own needs
  • Are timid
  • Are easily bullied
  • Are anxious to please
  • Don’t argue or stand up for themselves
  • Cannot say “no”
  • Are weak willed

Centuary wants you to honor *your* needs first. This will help you find a greater sense of yourself. And we all need a strong and radiant sense of inner self to assist others.


I am wise and I know when to give of myself and when to give to myself. I express my opinions with ease and confidence. I am in charge of my life.

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