Oh, holiday season… I have come to have a bittersweet relationship with this time of year.

I typically have a lot of places to go, yet not a lot of time to ‘be.’ This has increased as I’ve gotten older and have kids to create Christmas magic for, and a mental (and physical) list of to-dos that don’t seem to end.

I do get frustrated with the focus on over-consumerism and the constant push to do-do-do and go-go-go. Is that really joyful living? Well, it depends on the person, right? But for me, no.

And from the vibe out in the world, I’d say we’re all pretty damn weary. Maybe if we halved the holiday to-dos, OR a petition to have it extended into January… we’d feel a bit more balanced.

It can be hard to find the magic of the season as an adult. While I would first encourage you to do some introspection into your feelings about this time of year, there are also some flower essences to use for a boost in your energetic field.

My top flower essences for holiday stress are –

? Elm – for all feelings of being overwhelmed, letting go of worry, trusting you can get it all done

? Holly – for opening your heart to others, feeling connected to your family, for feelings of jealousy or envy of others who ‘appear’ to have more

?Vervain – for over-striving and mental tension, encourages inner-balance

?Impatiens – for times you feel overly irritated and impatient

?Rock Water – for flexibility and flow in your beliefs & day-to-day life

?Pine – feeling guilt for not ‘doing enough,’ when you’re being hard on yourself

Are there one or two that you resonate with?

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