Do you feel the need to always be right?

Are you inflexible and you feel you know more than others?

Are you overbearing and domineering?

Vine is a beautiful ally for these very human feelings.

Vine flower essence ‘moods’ are ones that we all have from time to time, but can sometimes feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit. Please know if this speaks to you, find compassion in yourself to see this side of you. It does not make you wrong or bad, it just simply *is.*

I am the first to admit, I can have a Vine personality that comes and goes (also, it is a remedy I have had my youngest son on at one time. It’s a great remedy for children who experience times of being overly demanding, inflexible, and bully-ish).

Vine people are born leaders and are very strong-willed. In a healed and balanced way, they are wise leaders who serve the world.

In an imbalanced way, they are the ‘boss’ or ‘dictator’ personality. They insist that others do things their way and their way only. They tend to act and think hierarchically.

Vine Will Help You If You Are

  • Domineering and craving control
  • Demanding and expecting absolute obedience
  • Forcing your will on others
  • Craving power
  • Feeling like you “know better” than everyone
  • Enjoying power over others
  • Aren’t displaying compassion in an appropriate way
  • Displaying aggressive pride

Vine’s Soul Lesson

I am a wise, loving, and understanding leader. I am able to guide others without force or will. I am empathetic and kind.

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