All flowers have an innate wisdom that they lovingly share with us…

Flower Essences are a type of vibrational medicine derived from fresh flowers that have been used for centuries for emotional healing.

Flower essences, or Bach flower remedies, are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant. The process of sun steeping, or boiling the flower in water, captures the energy imprint of the flower. So, unlike essential oils or herbal remedies, which contain physical substances extracted from plants, there is no physical part of the flower in a flower essence, only its healing vibration. Thus, they are quite similar to homeopathic remedies.

Every flower has its own message and healing/therapeutic qualities. I encourage you to think what flowers and plants you may be naturally attracted to, I would guess there are some healing properties of the plant that may be speaking to your higher self!

Flower essences offer a wonderful way to heal and grow because they act as catalysts for change at a deep emotional level. The positive changes that can occur from using flower essences include feeling more confident and creative, experiencing more joy, being more forgiving, forging better relationships, having more clarity and focus, and even cultivating a deeper connection to your Higher Self.

When you use a flower essence you are connecting on a spiritual level with nature.

Flower Essences have origins in both Mayan and ancient Egyptian cultures but came into modern use in the 1930s thanks to Dr. Edward Bach of England, who developed 38 flower remedies. Each remedy is the essence of a different wildflower and targets a specific emotional state.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

Unlike pharmaceuticals, which suppress symptoms, Flower Essences work by the principle of resonance in the subtle body where imbalance starts. In other words, the action of flower essences is energetic, not biochemical. All plants have a unique vibrational energy pattern, and the flower is the pinnacle of this energy. Sometimes flower essences work immediately; other times you may feel the effects unfold over days or weeks, layer by layer.

Flower Essences work on an energetic level to address the underlying emotions, release unwanted patterns, and attract what is right for you.

When you use flower essences, anything that doesn’t match the vibration of a chosen essence simply goes away. For example, if you are experiencing fear and anxiety and you use a flower essence with a calming or joyful vibration, your awareness of that calm and joyful feeling is raised, and the feeling of fear (which is a lower vibration) dissipates. This is also how homeopathic remedies work.

Personal formulas may be created by using more than one remedy at a time—because people can experience more than one emotional upset at a time. It is best to use six or fewer single remedies at any given time as it can be too overwhelming and ineffective to address more than this at once.

Are Flower Essences Safe?

Flower essences are very safe and can be used by anyone, even children and animals.

Flower Essences complement every healing modality.

Flower Essences have no fragrance, dye, preservatives, or flavor, so there is nothing in them you can react negatively to, or that could interfere with medicines or herbs you are taking. Of course, speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

Flower Essence stock bottles, like the ones you find in the store, are preserved in brandy, so if you are abstaining from alcohol, you can find stock Flower Essences prepared in glycerine.

If you happen to choose a Flower Essence that is not appropriate to your emotional state, it will simply have no effect. So there is no risk in choosing the wrong one!

Now, as gentle as they are, flower essences can bring buried emotions to the surface. So, on rare occasions, you may feel uncomfortable before you feel better. But, this does not mean the essences aren’t working. In fact, the opposite is true. Those emotions are coming up to be released and that means you are allowing yourself to heal at a deep level.

How Do I Take Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are taken in dropper form and can be taken directly or added to tea or water.

How To Work With Your Remedy:

Take 4 drops under your tongue or in water or tea 4x/day.

Here’s a way to make it easier to remember: when you wake up, before bed, and 2 other times.

You can’t overdose, so while it’s valuable to spread it out, if you do forget, you can take it in smaller increments of time to have it 4 times.

The more consistent you are, the more effective it is. Taking a lot all at once won’t have the desired effect. Repetition is the most important factor.

Having said that, please be kind and compassionate if you miss it sometimes. Trust the process. There are no constraints around eating, just don’t take it with food in your mouth.

They can also be applied topically if desired over chakra points or acupuncture meridians.

How Do I Know What Flower Essences Are Best For Me?

I encourage you to set up a Flower Essence Consultation with me! I offer 45 to 60-minute compassionate conversations and intuitive inquiries on what is acutely affecting your life and that would you like to see return to balance and harmony.

I would love to assist your wellbeing with a flower essence consultation! I work with adults, kids, and pets!

I am a trained practitioner through Trinity Natural Health, and my intention is to match your emotional imbalances with beneficial flower essences (typically you are matched with a few specific flower essences) in a custom formulation for you. Taken over time, you will see transformational results.

Contact me here to set up your appointment.

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