The Autumn Equinox is this Saturday, September 23, 2023 but the portal is surely open and being felt now!

Equinox is a time when day (light) & night (dark) are in equilibrium.

It’s a time to:

? Honor balance

? Tend to our inner light for the darker season ahead

? Let what no longer is serving us fall away

? Honor the Earth for her blessings & connect with nature

I tuned in and I want to share a few flower essences that can be super supportive during this time…

St. John’s Wort

Helpful when you’re feeling seasonal depression and experiencing disturbed sleep and dream states (this can happen this time of year).

SJW supports illuminated consciousness and light-filled awareness and strength.


Helpful when you have difficulty being in your body and feeling grounded and present on Earth.

Corn aligns you with the Earth and is especially profound in the body. It connects you to a firm, grounded, safe, presence.


Helpful when you want to develop more flexibility in times of stress, knowing your limits and when to let go of the struggle.

Oak supports you in finding balanced strength.


Helpful when you want to let go of old and false identities.

Sagebrush supports you in releasing what is no longer essential to your destiny.


Helpful when you’re feeling discouraged, dark, and hopeless.

Gorse opens you up to deep faith and hope, equanimity, and light-filled optimism.


Helpful when you’re stuck in a victim mentality, feeling inflexible, and that life is unfair.

Willow supports you in flowing with life, forgiveness, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Chestnut Bud

Helpful when you want to release old habitual patterns.

Chestnut Bud supports you in finally embodying the wisdom of the life lessons you’ve been working on.

Sending love your way!

If you are seeking some higher-self support, flower essences are an amazing energy tool to work with to support balancing emotions and breaking free of unwanted patterns and energy in your life.

Download my Flower Essences 101 guide if you want to learn more about flower essences!

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