“When the firey light of vervain radiates through the medium of the body and physical world, it becomes more luminous and contained. Such soul ardor is able to inspire, lead, and heal others.”

The Flower Essence Repertory

Vervain is one of my favorite flower essences!

I have often had vervain on stand-by in my daily life up until about 4-6 weeks ago. I was taking it in tincture (herbal) form and in this flower essence forms (highly dilute verbena officinalis plant material). I sense in this moment, I am no longer in daily need of this ally (although who wouldn’t need this from time to time!), but I want to share because I feel like so many can benefit from it… kids and pets included!

Vervain Flower Essence is used in cases of: Hyperanxiety. Tenseness. Extremes of mental energy – over-effort, over-stress. Pushes self to take action beyond physical strength. Irritibility from stress. Sleeplessness due to stress. Highly strung. ‘Runs everything to death.’ Fanatical. Perfectionist. Sensitive to injusticess. Mind always running fast. Inclined to tackle too many jobs at one time.

In using vervain flower essence, the goal is to bring about these positive qualities: Calmness. Wiseness. Tolerance. The ability to relax. The ability to listen. One who teaches that great accomplishments are by being rather than doing. Great courage. Faces danger willingly to defend a cause. Holds strong opinions which rarely change *but is ready to do so if necessary.*

Flower essences move your emotions through you in a healthy, gentle way so they no longer take over your life. You will feel nurtured and changed from within.

Are you ready to feel more steady, secure, and in a state of genuine wellbeing?

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[Not medical advice. Not a medical doctor.]

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