There’s been a lot of fatigue and exhaustion in our lives lately. Or at least, so it seems with many I’m speaking with!

Here are my 5 favorite flower essences to support you in times of fatigue and exhaustion!

  1. Olive – Revitalizes and reconnects you to your inner energy. Supports you when you are experiencing these imbalances: complete exhaustion & weariness.
  2. Hornbeam – Supports a return to energy and enthusiasm and helps you get your to-do list done with ease. Supports you when you are feeling too tired to face your daily tasks, largely due to an inner resistance.
  3. Elm – Helps you handle hectic days and projects. Increases efficiency and confidence. Supports you when you are taking on too much responsibility and you’re overwhelmed with your tasks.
  4. Oak – Offers the opportunity to know when to surrender and relax. Helps you accept your limits. Supports you when you are pushing yourself even when you know you should stop and are exhausted.
  5. Impatiens – Brings you back to patience, acceptance, and flowing with a more balanced pace of life. Supports you when you are impatient or overly tense which leads to exhaustion.

I have a personal blend right now that includes olive and hornbeam for myself… I definitely feel more perky and positive when I take them!

If you are seeking support, please reach out! I love creating custom flower essence blends. Get all the details about my sessions here.

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