Don’t you agree that we all could use *more* self-love and acceptance?

Easy to say we need more self-love and acceptance but putting it into practice is another thing altogether.

Did you know that there are certain Bach Flower Remedies/Flower Essences that can bring your emotions in balance? Here are a few that I would work with if you are seeking a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself.

Chicory – love unconditionally without sacrificing yourself

Larch – for self-confidence

Crab Apple – for when you feel discomfort and even disgusted with your appearance; helps with physical self-acceptance

Pine – helps you overcome perfectionism, which is a huge block to loving yourself

Rock Water – increases your self-worth; for those who are too hard on themselves and are lacking joy

(There are many other uses for these remedies, but today I am focusing on the self-love and acceptance aspect)

Which one resonates with you the most right now?

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