Do you find yourself being overly chatty and often interrupting others? 

Are you compelled to share your problems with others vs listening to theirs?

Maybe you’re having a hard time understanding and relating to your loved ones? 

Heather Flower Essence can help bring you back into balance and feel more self-fulfilled vs self-absorbed.

We *all* have been in a Heather state from time to time. It’s when we get stuck in this state that it can cause issues.  

The issues begin when we are solely concerned with ourselves and our problems and we don’t take notice of the problems of others, even if they are in a state of unhappiness over a recent event.

Heather is supportive for people who are:

  • Over-talkative and chatty
  • Self-absorbed
  • Energy “vampires”
  • In a state of emotional distress over their issues
  • Overconcerned about their own problems
  • Lonely 
  • Close talkers
  • Zap the energy of others
  • Make mountains out of molehills

Heather “types” don’t care who they talk to, as long as they can keep talking and someone will listen. These are the people you meet in the grocery line or on an airplane who tell you their entire life history, including every detail of all their “stuff.” 

After taking Flower Essences, the Heather type of person transforms their over-talking to become good listeners. They begin to feel more comfortable in their own company and form authentic and empathetic deeper bonds with others because of this. They create an atmosphere of trust and strength in which others may feel comfortable.

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Flower Essences assist in changing negative emotions & behavior patterns. They aid in coping with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, guilt, worry, and many other uncomfortable feelings. They can help improve our emotional and mental state, which brings wellbeing and balance to our energetic state.

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